Cloud Support & Process Automation

Cloud Infrastructure Management & Support

Payroll system implementation with Mobile Apps.

Automated Invoicing & Billing system for customers

Quickbooks integration with IIF and XML generation

Mobile & Cloud Solutions

Cloud Infrastructure Services

Technology Consulting & Process Automation

Mobile Apps & BI Intelligence

Process Automation - RFID Integration

RFID implementation to track Engine Production Stages

SCADA Integration to track production data

Barcode Integration to track Engine No’s and QC result

SAP Integration to upload the production data

Production Process Automation

DVD, VCD, Bluray Media production tracking

Production planning and work allocation

Production Process and effort tracking

Automated reporting and production analysis tools

ERP & Barcode Integration

Document tracking across distributed locations

The Plug-In converts data into barcode and prints on the barcode label at one location

On the other location the application reads the bar code label and stores as text in a local database. The reports are generated and shown to track the documents from the dispatch end to receiving end

Warehouse Automation

Mobile app as hook on HHT

Emulating Mainfarme screen on HHT

Scan barcode to mainframe screen

MPEG Audio Streaming

eswar is an embedded musical device for music beginners or learners.

MPEG Audio decoding and Synthesizer

Application development on mobility and microcontroller platform

Application handles a huge database of notes, beats and pitches and generates 272 ragas at all the standard pitches with base harmony

Pay Per Mile

Vehicle tracking using GPS

Tracking the miles travelled

Tracking the speed and violations for Insurance

Risk analysis – accident prone zone

Theft Control

ETL & Synchronization Services

We collate the data from distributed environment to a centralized database.

Our logistics clients has over 200 network across the country. The data from all the location are collated and brought into the centralized server using synchronization logics.

The project is extended to synchronize data from handheld terminals to centralized servers

Mobile & Process Automation

Reporting & Tracking Bookings

Built Computer Telephone systems to track bookings and delivering via GSM Modems

Auto Alerts on Emails using SMTP servers

Technology Consulting & Architecting solutions

mPOS Sync & Automation

Mobile POS design & Implementation for sea food retailing

Data Sync Engines between Linux, Android Platform

Sales Man, Order Tracking from Mobile Terminals

Automated Mobile reporting and production analysis tools

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