Mobile Apps on eProdCast

eProdCast on Cloud is the leading Platform as a Service (PaaS) for a wide range of mobile applications built with eProdCast framework services. We leverage cloud services and development frameworks to automate the configuration, deployment and management of applications on iStore, Google Play and Windows Market.

Technology Consulting Services

We provide professional technology advice to a business or organization. It may entail suggesting and implementing certain software or hardware solutions into the business or organization in order to streamline certain processes by increasing efficiency and cutting costs.

We take care of your (1) Prerequisites and GAP Analysis, (2) Project Scoping and Planning, (3) Business Process and System Design, (4) Project Management & Support for all your business requirements

Research & Development Services

The heart of most embedded systems today is the software. Whether it is a real-time system or not, the complexities that can arise from the interaction of the embedded software, hardware and communication protocols are, to say the least, challenging.

Years of experience in developing complex, custom embedded software systems have given embryo the ability to see ahead for you. We team with your engineers and specialists to co-develop a project scope that leverages our expertise, while preserving your intellectual property ownership.

We develop custom solutions for all major platforms and chipsets.

Cloud Infrastructure & Support Services

Our partnetrship with Starport Canada has externded our capabilities to 2 world-class data centers with Experienced, dedicated team responsible for your IT environment. Integrated planning to prevent downtime.Deep knowledge of your unique environment.A dedicated support team with an account manager and Virtual CI Office.

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